Bazzill Cardstock Organization with Gail

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Hello everyone! For something a little different today, I thought I’d share how I’ve organized my Bazzill Basics cardstock! I find I enjoy scrapbooking much more when I’m organized as my space (and time) is quite limited these days with 3 little ones. So I carved out some time a couple of weeks ago to finally put my cardstock collection in order.

Below you’ll see a corner of my workspace. At the moment I’m scrapbooking in our bedroom, as all the spare rooms are now occupied! You can see I sit at my large desk with shelves right beside me. I keep my Bazzill cardstock close by as it’s such a staple for creating!

Bazzill Cardstock Organisation @bazzillbasics @gail_lindner #scrapbooking #bazzillbasics #organising


I have most of my cardstock stored in vertical paper holders on the left side of my desk. I find I can easily flick through and pull out colors to find that perfect match, since it’s right there as I create.

In the shelving “cube” to the left of me as I sit at my desk is a simple letter tray organiser where I store all my bulk white cardstocks.

Bazzill Cardstock Organisation @bazzillbasics @gail_lindner #scrapbooking #bazzillbasics #organising

I love having my white Bazzill cardstock right there! I do use a fair amount of white so I have whole packages of my four favorites slotted right in there. The top slot I use to keep my white scraps which I always grab for journaling or photo matting.

Want to know which whites are my faves? Read below to find out!

Bazzill Cardstock Organisation @bazzillbasics @gail_lindner #scrapbooking #bazzillbasics #organising

I have Chantilly from the Classic collection which is a great all -rounder with a bit of texture; White OP from the Orange Peel collection which is my all-time favorite; Coconut Swirl from the Smoothies collection which as the name suggest is completely smooth and great for stamping; and finally Marshmallow from the Card Shoppe collection which with it’s heavier weight is a great card base.

With my colored Bazzill cardstock, I sorted them into colors as that’s how I create. My color categories are white, black/grey, pink, aqua, brown/beige, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue and green.

I left the Card Shoppe and Smoothies collections together rather than split the colors as I use them for specific purposes. I also have a paper holder for my specialty Bazzill cardstock such as the foil board.

Bazzill Cardstock Organisation @bazzillbasics @gail_lindner #scrapbooking #bazzillbasics #organising

I just love having organized supplies – even more so now that I’m creating in a smaller space. If you’re struggling to get organized, I do hope I’ve given you some tips! If you’re already organized – I’d love to hear how you store your Bazzill cardstock!

Gail Lindner