Fuse: Be Yourself Shaker Card

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I am SO excited about this post today! Did you know that you can create custom shaker cards using the We R Memory Keepers Fuse tool? You can. And I’m going to show you how!

Be Yourself by Jennifer Ingle #BazzillBasics #JustJingle #WeRMemoryKeepers #MFTstamps



This shaker is created based on this fabulous light bulb die from We R Memory Keepers. to create it, you begin by taping the die to a page protector and placing it on a glass cutting surface. Allow your Fuse to heat up and then trace the inside of the die with the wheel attachment on your Fuse. Be sure to leave a portion of the top open so you can fill the shaker before closing it.

Be Yourself by Jennifer Ingle #BazzillBasics #JustJingle #WeRMemoryKeepers #MFTstamps


The next step is to fill your shaker through the opening with sequins, glitter, or whatever other shiny things you want in there! Use the wheel attachment to seal the top of the shaker once you are finished.

Be Yourself by Jennifer Ingle #BazzillBasics #JustJingle #WeRMemoryKeepers #MFTstamps


After you have sealed your shaker, cut around the fused line. In the photos here, you see it quite close. I actually used the die to cut this. I would suggest, for ease of card assembly, cutting by hand and allowing more room around the edge so you can sandwich it between two die cut pieces of cardstock for your card front.

Be Yourself by Jennifer Ingle #BazzillBasics #JustJingle #WeRMemoryKeepers #MFTstamps


Finally, you want to assemble your card. I used a white panel on the inside of my yellow card to have white showing through. I also used my sentiment banner and the base of the light bulb to secure the shaker in place since I did NOT have the benefit of a wide edge around my shaker. This worked well with my design plan, but if you don’t want a banner going across your shaker, you will want that wide border to work with.

Be Yourself by Jennifer Ingle #BazzillBasics #JustJingle #WeRMemoryKeepers #MFTstamps


I absolutely hope you run out and give this a try! The Fuse is NOT just for scrapbooking! It is an amazing tool in your card making arsenal, as well! Combined with Bazzill Basics cardstock, you can do SO much with this amazing tool!

Have a Happy!


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