Studio Tour: All Within Reach

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Hello, friends! This is Jingle and I am so excited to share some of my studio storage solutions with you today! First, let me just tell you I do not have a magazine photo studio. Nope. Actually, generic my studio is a mess more often than not. I do clean it, but then I make a mess again. That’s just the way it goes. I am often inspired by insanity, to be honest with you! That being said, my mess is most certainly an organized one and that is partly due to some of the storage solutions I have adopted to make my space incredibly functional. I am excited to share some of those solutions with you today.

Ink and Stamp Storage @bazzillbasics @Jennifer Ingle #bazzillbasics #storage


My primary goal when creating a storage solution is to make things VISIBLE and easy to access. I need to be able to see my supplies. If I can’t, I forget they exist. No, for reals, though, I do. I have a large Expedit unit from IKEA. I am a stamper at heart, so I have a LOT of ink, stamps, and dies. I store my inks in the cubes as you can see above. They are simply stacked at the moment. They fill two cubes completely, but I can get to the ones I use most often very quickly and can get to the less often used inks in a reasonable amount of time. Stamps are stored in clear sleeves labeled with the manufacturer and set name. I sort them by manufacturer in a large shoe box. Dies are done in similar form. I do like to use a few of my wood stamps (I don’t have many) as decor on the shelves, as well.

Cardstock Storage @BazzillBasics @Jennifer Ingle #bazzillbasics #storage #bazzillbasicspaper


I keep my Bazzill Basics Paper in the brand new We R Memory Keepers storage trays. You guys, these TRAYS! First of all, I love the look of them. They have clean lines, simple design, and  are clear so they match everything! They are also excellent quality. You can see I have a LOT of cardstock on those trays. They take the weight with no problem at all. I keep this stack of trays right behind my desk so my Bazzill is perfectly in reach at all times.

6x6 Paper Pad Storage @BazzillBasics @Jennifer Ingle #bazzillbasics #storage #americancrafts


Because my focus is primarily on cards, I have a LOT of 6×6 paper. I keep that in the top and bottom shelves of my Raskog cart from IKEA. You may notice that the paper pads are actually upside down. This is intentional, as I store my patterned paper scraps right in the pad and keeping them upside down allows those to stay put nicely, while not being removed from the collection.


Scrap Paper Storage @BazzillBasics @Jennifer Ingle #bazzillbasics #bazzillbasicspaper #storage


I use my scraps. *GASP* I know, right? Actually, the very reason I use them is this storage solution that you see right here! I keep my cardstock scraps in sight and easily accessible in the top shelf of my Raskog cart. I keep the 4 1/4 x 11 strips on one side so I can easily reach for card bases and odd sized/shaped pieces on the other side for use with die cutting, accent strips, etc. You, guys, for REALS, this WORKS! I actually will go to my scraps BEFORE reaching for a new sheet nearly every time because these are so easy to reach. I keep the cart right in front of my desk.

Desk and Sticker Storage @BazzillBasics @Jennifer Ingle #bazzillbasics #storage #bazzillbasicspaper


Speaking of my desk, I keep a LOT of go-to items on my desk. I have a large mat that I consider to be my work space and my paper trimmer sits to one side with my Scor-Buddy on the other side. The rest of the surface is used to store things I need RIGHT NOW access to. I recently added that fabulous spinner to hold pens, Copics, rulers, adhesives, and other doodads. I keep the small bowls on my desk with ink blenders, erasers (I really love good erasers), sticky notes, and a scrap bowl to collect adhesive backing and die cut bits. I keep my favorite black inks and my VersaMark right there, as there is no point in putting them away. I use them every time I craft. The ceramic egg crate holds some oft used sequin colors such as black, gold, silver, and woodgrain. You can see my Bazzill cardstock storage right behind my chair, which I never sit in while I’m actually working. The bags hanging on the line on the wall contain stickers. I sort them by type (chipboard, flat, 3-D, etc.) and by theme (alphas, images, holidays, etc.). Not only do I love how handy they are, I also love how cute they look hanging across the wall of my loft space! SO FUN! My computer is also off to the side on a smaller Expedit unit so I can quickly and easily see my Google Calendar full of assignments and deadlines. Or Facebook and Twitter… you know how it goes… *wink*.

Ribbon Storage @BazzillBasics @Jennifer Ingle #bazzillbasics #storage


Speaking of wall storage. I am a fan. Not only do I have my little line of stickers hanging, but I also have this great system for ribbon thanks to my awesome husband who happens to be brilliant. Closet brackets with dowel rods hold a portion of my ribbon stash. I will be honest – what I am NOT showing you, is the huge pile o’ ribbon that sits on two small tables to the right of this wonderful display. I might have a ribbon problem. It is, however, the prettiest problem I have ever had!

I hope I have offered some ideas that you have found to be helpful! My studio may not be magazine perfect, but it is absolutely my favorite place to be. Well, outside of Fenway Park, anyway. If you would like a TRULY honest view… check out the photo of my desk on the Bazzill Basics Instagram feed. I promise it is bound to make you feel better about your space. *wink*