“We DONUT Know What We Would Do Without You!”

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It’s that time of year again — the last week of school with summer vacation just around the corner! Enjoy this fun “guilt-free” donut DIY thank you gift for the teachers in your life that will make them smile. This is the perfect project to get your kids involved with so they feel even more excited to give it to their special teacher!



Step #1: Based on the size of the platter for your gift, decide how many donuts you’d like to create. Then draw and cut out two 3.75″ circles for the top and bottom of each donut. Have fun with the different colors of cardstock you can use for each donut flavor!

Step #2: Cut 1.5″ x 12″ strips of coordinating colored cardstock to create the outside of the donut. Fold the strips into a circle, staple the ends together, and set aside with the donut tops and bottoms.


Step #3:  Punch a hole in the center of all your donut tops and bottoms with a 1″ punch and set aside.


Step #4: Cut out one frosting shape that measures 3.25″ for each donut in any yummy color cardstock you choose!



Step #5: Cut small strips of cardstock in a variety of colors to create your sprinkles (at least 12 per donut, as pictured above).

Step #6: Now it’s time for assembly! Heat up your hot glue gun and glue the bottoms of the donuts to the stapled strips of cardstock and fill with treats before adhering the tops. Then glue the icing shape on the top and add your 1″ circle for the center.

#Step #7: Last but not least, glue on sprinkles to add some real eye candy! Add a fun tag with ribbon that says: “We ‘DONUT’ know what we would do without you! THANK YOU!”


Bazzill Basics Supplies Used - Mono Roselle, Fourz Tangelo, Classic Lace, Fourz Mexican Poppy, Card Shoppe Robin’s Egg, Fourz Classic Purple, Fourz Granny Smith

Other Project Supplies Used - Scissors, 1″ Circle Punch, Stapler, Hot Glue Gun & Glue, Ribbon