“We DONUT Know What We Would Do Without You!”


It’s that time of year again — the last week of school with summer vacation just around the corner! Enjoy this fun “guilt-free” donut DIY thank you gift for the teachers in your life that will make them smile. This is the perfect project to get your kids involved with so they feel even more excited

Flowers: The Perfect Accent!

Dream Layout @gail_lindner @bazzillbasics #bazzillbasics #scrapbooking #DIY #layout #flowers

I have to admit that when it comes to girly/feminine style layouts, my go-to accent or design has to be FLOWERS! So when I was scrapbooking these photos of my daughter dressing up, it was a no-brainer, flowers it was! And this is where Bazzill Basics cardstock makes it so

Mother’s Day Scrapbooking!

Boy Mum Layout @gail_lindner @bazzillbasics #bazzillbasics #scrapbooking #DIY #layout #mothersday

Honestly, most years on Mother’s Day, I hardly take any photos, if at all! I’m too busy enjoying my day with my children! But when it comes time to scrapbooking with a Mother’s Day theme, I have no shortage of stories to tell! I had a few photos of my